McConnell's Guitar Tuition

If you're looking to improve your guitar skills; whether you're a complete beginner, or an experienced player unsure how to take the next step,

I can help.

Over the last twelve years, I have helped players of all types develop their technique and a wider understanding of music. 

My one to one guitar lessons are in Hanham. Ideal for those living in Keynsham, Longwell Green, Kingswood, Central Bristol and Warmley. Students also have the options to take some or all of their lessons on Zoom if they wish.


You can see what some of my students have been up to during lockdown in the video below. Get in touch for a free trial lesson to see how I can help you.


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Learning to play guitar is both challenging and fun. At every step I like my students to think in more depth about the music they listen to, broaden their horizons, push themselves and have fun doing it! The hardest part about learning an instrument is also the best part. Learning to love the process of trying, making mistakes, understanding them and trying again. Should you wish to take your understanding to the next level I have also coached many students through grade exams. 

Freedom and Focus

Learning guitar can be a long process. With so many exciting avenues of technique, genre, tone, and creativity to explore it’s easy to lose sight of why you started. That’s why, as a McConnell’s Guitar Tuition student, you’ll have your own interactive progress tracker that enables you to have the freedom to go off on a tangent and explore something you’d never even thought of trying, and still come back to that initial aim that got you excited to learn in the first place. So whether you’re a structured completionist, or a freewheeling improviser I can build lessons that work for you!

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Performing isn’t just a thing to check off your bucket list, or a chance to show off. (although it is great for that too!) It’s a tool for learning in its own right. There’s much more to learning an instrument than spending hours and hours drilling scales. The best way to push yourself forward is to constantly find new ways to take yourself out of your comfort zone. So whether we perform together at an open mic, record a song or even just jam through some completed songs in a lesson, playing real music is going to be a large part of your learning process.

Online or In Person

Life doesn’t always follow a plan. So with my lessons you’re free to change between online and in person lessons with as little as an hour’s notice. Whether it’s traffic, working late or government restrictions, nothing’s going to stop you playing guitar!

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"After every lesson I leave feeling as though I have made a break-through in my guitar playing with both theory and technique. I would recommend Martin to anyone at any level. 5/5 " - Morgan De Bruler. (reviewed using google).

Guitar Lesson Prices

45 minutes £25

*Special Offer*

Get £5 off when you book 5 lessons in advance.

​90 minutes £45

*Special Offer*

Get your lessons for £35 each when you book 4 or more in advance.

My guitar lessons are built and structured with your aims as a guitarist in mind. Giving you the specific abilities you need to achieve what you want to do, and the knowledge to become a more rounded player. I have also successfully coached several students through Rockschool graded guitar exams. These are both an excellent way to improve and test yourself as an all round player, and are worth UCAS points for any students considering going to university. As well as this I have coached students through entry auditions for college and university level music courses.


If you'd like to know more about McConnell's Guitar Tuition, take a look at the FAQ for tips on how to prepare for your first guitar lesson, what to look for in a new guitar and many other hints.


Bristol really is one of the best cities to live in if you want to play music, with plenty of opportunities for beginners to perform alongside seasoned pros. As one of my guitar students you'll have the opportunity to branch out in to performing live when you feel ready. There are plenty of friendly local open mic nights  all across the city, and playing alongside my students for their first live performance is something I enjoy so much I do it completely free of charge.


For those who really want to advance their learning, or want to know more about performing, I also run a blog which provides additional guitar playing tips and advice for future professionals.

"Martin is a very dedicated, patient and experienced guitar tutor... I cannot recommend his tutoring highly enough." - Stuart McClean

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